Medici Bank API
Medici Bank API

HTTP Responses

Below is a full list of possible status codes. In the case of an error code, we will respond with additional information if more details about an error is provided.

2xx - Successful

These are codes that mean that your API request was correct and without errors. Some calls are Idempotent. For more information on what means, visit the Standard Data Structures section.

Code Reason Description
2xx Successful "Your request was right!"
200 OK "The call was successful"
201 Created "The resource was created"
202 Accepted "The resource was updated successfully"
204 No Content "The resource was deleted successfully"

4xx - Client-Side Errors

Code Reason Description
4xx Client Error "Your request is wrong!"
400 Bad Request "Your syntax is incorrect"
401 Unauthorized "You have wrong API credentials"
403 Forbidden "Your credentials don't have the permissions to allow this request"
404 Not Found "The resources/endpoint is invalid"
405 Method Not Allowed "Content-type method is not allowed"
429 Too Many Requests "Rate limit reached for this request"

5xx - Server-Side Errors

Code Reason Description
5xx Server Error "We are wrong!"
500 Internal Server Error "Server error on our side"
502 Bad Gateway "Invalid response from the server"
503 Service Unavailable "An internal service is unavailable"
504 Gateway Time-out "The request took too long to process on the server"

Next, we will take a look at how to make proper requests to the APIā€¦

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